Swed. Nor. Ch. Wolf Tone Viking

Dam: Am. MBPIS Can. Ch. Lynallans Brushwood Tempest

Born: December 30, 2004


Bred By: Dennis Sumara (Brushwood), Susan Nordstrom (Lynallan) & Linda Stewart (Endeavor)
Owned By: Heather Rhodes (Victoria, BC)


7 Months
Winners Dog at SCWC - July 2005 - Judge: Maida Puterman


Mardi easily finished his Canadian Championship, after only 11 trips into the ring.  He finished by going BOB over specials and onto a Group 4/Puppy Group at only 9 months of age.

Although Mardi had many wonderful qualities we did not feel that he fit into our breeding program so we made the hard decision to place him in a home where he would get all the attention that he deserved.  He now lives in a wonderful home in Victoria, British Columbia with another whippet named Max.

Mardi came back to us in July of 2015, when one of his owners unexpectedly passed away, and his widow made the heartbreaking decision to sell their house and move into a condo to be closer to her family.  Unfortunately the condo had a “no dog” policy, so Mardi came back to Lynallan to live out the rest of his days. 



October 21/05 - NACA - BOB & Puppy Group - Judge: Thomas Touzel

September 30/05 - BRCA - WD/BOB(over Specials) & Group 4/Puppy Group - Judge: David Johnson (Australia)

September 11/05 - EKC - WD/BOB(over Specials)/BP (2pts) - Judge: Jack Ireland

September 10/05 - EKC - WD/BOB(over Specials)/BP & Puppy Group (2pts) - Judge: Thom Nesbitt

September 9/05 - EKC - WD/BOB/BP (1pt) - Judge: Brent Wright

July 28/05 - FGC Specialty - WD (1pt) - Judge: John Ross
July 27/05 - SCWC Specialty - WD (1pt) - Judge: Maida Puterman

July 16/05 - EKKOC - Puppy Group - Judge: Harold Pybus

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